About us

Fauves was born in 2016 by a  Mom that needed to create .  I started by producing unique vintage inspired clothing for children using eco-friendly practices.  The first garments were made from deadstock and recycled textiles, using every last scrape of fabric possible to reduce waste.  I wanted  to design each garment to grow with your child, be both cute and wearable for everyday play.  In generations past children's clothes were made to be played in, passed along from child to child and that was the quality I endeavored to create. 

Over the course of the global pandemic and being a mom of two, I decided it was best for my family to take a break from designing children's wear and focus on my new baby and young daughter now in online learning.  Producing hand made children's clothing can be time consuming and being at home without a village to come to the rescue I needed to make some tough choices.  As the pandemic has rolled on, the yearning to get back to work was hard to ignore, so I decided to reinvent my business.

Fauves now specializes in keeping clothing out of landfills, by closing the loop on fast fashion.   All pieces are hand picked second hand kids clothing,  given a new life with your little ones.  Ready for fresh adventures with your child, feel confident knowing that every time we rescue a piece from being thrown away your helping protect their future.

In the future Fauves will offer a buy back program and damage garment rescue.  I look forward to expanding this business and doing more to help our community, through local drop off programs, buy backs, and offering repurposed garments. 

Look for updates on our socials to see what is new at Fauves.